Moderate Facebook discussions with ease

You can use Sotrender as your integrated social media inbox to help you respond and monitor conversations on your Facebook posts, ads, and Messenger.

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Why pick Sotrender's moderation?

Contextualize Conversations

See the preview of the post, ad, or Messenger conversation your clients responded to. This provides a richer
context of what the conversation is about.

Never Lose Track

Track both moderator and user actions. The full history of moderator and user actions on a post are at your disposal.

Time For Organized Communication

Track conversations easily as user comments are nested together in a conversation thread. No need to look for specific user comments manually.

Analyze sentiment of your discussions

Use real-time sentiment analysis to stay updated on how your customers feel about your brand and monitor your brand image. Prioritize your responses and get ahead crises.   

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Stay Organized

Use predefined tags to keep your dashboard clean and know which comments were already replied to and which need approval. You can use the same tags while managing messages.

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Get Notifications
in Real-Time

No need to refresh your feed or inbox. Once you manage the current comments and conversations, notifications about new ones will appear in real-time.

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Be On The Same Page

Share a common space with other moderators and keep track of each others’ actions so that you will be aware of the overall context.

Get even more out of Sotrender

Social media analysis

Analyze your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter efforts. Get to know more about your audience and content performance. 

Competitors' tracking

Monitor your competitors' social media profiles. Be a step ahead of them by learning from their failures and successes.


Save precious hours each month and prove your work with a comprehensive and professionally looking report.

Improve relationships with customers

Address your clients’ concerns and problems easily. Since the conversations are nested, you can keep track of whether a problem was dealt with successfully or not.