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Would you like to know your target audience better? Find out how your competitors' paid communication looks like? How is your brand perceived online, also in comparison to your competitors?

Our offer is addressed to companies and agencies that want to better understand the situation of their brand and its competitors.

We prepare both standard reports, as well as customized solutions tailored to our clients' needs.


Below you will find information about every report we can prepare.

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Google Maps analysis

Analysis of reviews of locations in Google Maps 

  • Find out which locations have the best and worst reviews 
  • Analyze your customers' behaviors: their starting location as they are enroute to your business as well as when their interest in your business is increasing
  • Increase your online visibility in SEO results with the keyword analysis 

How can you use the results? 

  • To improve customer satisfaction 
  • To respond effectively to the occuring problems
  • To optimize your SEO efforts

Analysis of ad spending on Facebook

The analysis of your own paid campaigns on Facebook, will help you find answers to the following questions: 
  • Which campaigns were the most effective in terms of spending? 
  • Setting which goals will help me to have the lowest promotion cost?
  • Which ads types are the most effective in my case? 
  • Which ads have the lowest cost? 
  • Is setting the daily budget better than setting a total budget?
How can you use the results? 
  • To create more effective paid campaigns on Facebook 
  • To optimize your ad budget 

Instagram comparative report 

Analysis of competitors' business profiles on Instagram

  • Find out how, and when, your competition is communicating on Instagram
  • Create content which responds to your audience's needs and interests, based on analysis of the most engaging posts
  • Plan your content more effectively in time, by knowing when communication targeted towards your target audience is the most intense 

How can you use the results? 
  • To optimize your Instagram communication strategy 
  • To make data-based marketing decisions about e.g. the type of content, publishing times, audience interests and hashtags 

Audience Scan

Analysis of your target audience, based on their Facebook activities

  • Get to know your target audience better based on their demographic and psychographic profile
  • Target your content more effectively, thanks to the knowledge about their interests and behavior online 
  • Create more effective campaigns answering actual customers' needs 


How can you use the results? 

  • To optimize your marketing strategy
  • To communicate better with your customers and respond to their needs 

Brand awareness analysis 

Qualitative and quantitative analysis based on what is being said about your brand online 

  • Find out what customers are saying about your brand online to manage your brand's image on the market
  • Discover your customers' needs, preferences and life values to target them effectively 
  • Monitor how your brand looks in the eyes of your customers comparing to your direct competitors
How can you use the results? 
  • To optimize your digital strategy
  • To analyze the results of paid campaigns

Comparative analysis 

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of brand's communication and its competition

  • Know your market position in comparison with your competitors
  • Communicate more effectively, by knowing what works for your competitors
  • Find out which types of posts are the most effective and when your target audience is the most active online
  • Optimize your strategy with individually prepared guidelines and recommendations

How can you use the results? 

  • For effective communication of the advantage of own products over competitive products 
  • To prepare content that can have a real impact on increasing your audience engagement, and sales

Analysis of fake accounts and activities 

Analysis of the scale of the problem of trolls and fake accounts and activities on the profiles of brands or individuals 

  • Find out if discussions on the selected profile are valuable and whether trolls and fake accounts are involved in them
  • Identify the scale of the problem in order to be able to take appropriate actions
  • Monitor whether the increased intensity of negative responses was a coordinated attack and what reach it could have had online
How can you use the results? 
  • To optimize your brand's communication, including eliminating content that can cause problems with your brand's image
  • To prepare scenarios for any crisis which may happen to your brand 

Influence Index

Indication of the best influencers and identification of the strengths of the brand or person in social media

  • Discover influencers who will have a real impact on your marketing strategy
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of a brand or a person to be aware of their market position
  • Select Influencers appropriately and optimize communication to meet customer interests and needs
  • Monitor engagement on influencers' profiles and whether it could have been bought


A comprehensive analysis that brings together all the reports and answers all your questions and needs. The scope of an audit is determined individually, depending on the needs and expectations of the client.

Why order one of our reports?
Social Media is a very dynamic, constantly changing, industry. We order Sotrender's reports regularly, mainly to find out how is our performance comparing to our competitors. Thanks to Sotrender's reports we also know whether the changes we have introduced are effective. The report also shows us how to effectively optimize our spending budget. 
Edyta Sierosławska 
Social Media Manager in Marketing Department | Carrefour Polska

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